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The number in brackets indicates the respective Product Code
Artificial Jewellery
Necklace in fine Kundan work (2011)
Broad "kada" bangle, silver finish (2010)
Queen´s Necklace in Glass beads (2005)
Mirror-stud lac bangles (2001)
Fine glass-beaded necklace with an antique Indian coin (2004)
Dancing Radha- Krishna, painting embossed in metal (4001)
Dancing 'Gopi', 3-D painting engraved on wood (4004)
Meera, the devotee-singer to Lord Krishna (4008)
Colorful abstract 3-D embossing on wood (4006)
Gallopping horses, a massive 3-D woodden painting, embossed (4005)

Iron and Terra Cota Motifs

Large terra-cota vase in a classic varnish; twitched head (8010)
Classic terra-cota show-piece (8005)
The seat of Lord Ganesha (8003)
Tribal crafts in Iron (8012)
Om in dull-golden finish (8002)
Handkerchief Embroidery
Gift Items and Miscellen. Crafts
Dried flora that make lovable gifts (6018)
Traditional camel leather slippers in a colorful "fishy" mesh (5001)
Design on Ladies shoulder-bag (5004)
Fish-shaped woodden box; brass inlay work (5016)
Cheers to every 30 ml; Set of six glasslets (5008)
Paper Machie
Heart-shaped box; a chirping couple hides among leaves (6003)
Little bunny-box to store jewellery or any small item (6005)
Bright XMas balls (6017)
Lovable Candle Stands (6013)
Hanging made of pure-white sea-shells (6020)

Every piece of craft bears in its belly a saga of its creation. The artists not only give them traditional shapes but also put their hearts into it. It speaks of that human touch seldom felt in the machine-made uniform products. When it comes to folk and tribal art, a line may not be stark straight, a circle may not be a perfect round, but what makes them desirable is the rustic and rich look they naturally carry!

Work on new samples and items is regularly under-way! Do keep returning to know the latest-on-the-shelf!